AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock
#1 Smart Alarm Clock for Android

AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock is an innovative alarm clock application for your Android device that adapts to modern-day needs. It's smart, fully customizable and makes your morning routine better.

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Fully customizable alarm profiles

AMdroid provides a unique feature set to create alarm profile that fit your needs

Recurring, One-time and Countdown alarms

Custom sound and snooze settings

Dismiss challenges

Gentle pre alarms - fix or sleep cycle based

Post alarm confirmation

Real time weather information

Tons of other features and more to come

It knows when not to disturb

AMdroid will automatically download and update public holidays for your country and you can set your alarm profiles to not go off on these days.

30+ countries supported

You can add your own off days as well


Location-aware alarm profiles

With AMdroid you can easily make your alarm profiles location-aware so it’ll only go off if you are in a certain area. Heading out for a business trip or just stay somewhere else for the night? Your morning routine will probably change so AMdroid will temporarily disable your regular alarm profile automatically.

Leverages Google Maps for ease of operation

Low battery usage

Unlimited places


Ever wondered how much time you spend with snooze? AMdroid will show you statitistics that you can analyze and use to fine-tune your alarm profiles.

Multiple datasets and charts

Builds automatically


our mission

  • is to be the #1 smart alarm clock app for Android. Join us now!

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